"​Learning to Lead in a Technical World"


​Taylor Logsdon

Taylor Logsdon is the Secretary for KYTSA; she is a current senior attending Glasgow High School. Starting in middle school she has always had a passion for engineering and STEM. Once she was apart of her local high school’s TSA she decided to run for office; starting out small she became the reporter, then secretary, and finally president. Her main goals for the program are to make it more diverse and encourage it to be more involved with the community. During her presidency the number of girls in the program went up by 30% and the overall membership was the highest it has ever been. Also, her local chapter hosted a unite to serve night; high school TSA members reached out to their communities youth by reading and working with third graders to encourage them to think outside of the box. Along with TSA Taylor is involved in her high school volleyball, swim, track, and archery team. Being involved academically and socially is an important aspect she holds in her life.